It may come as a surprise, but several cities are now requiring gun liability insurance for legal gun owners.  Could your city be next?

What exactly is gun liability insurance? It is a type of insurance that is available in order to cover damages associated with negligence and unintended shootings.

While it is certainly a protected right to legally own a firearm, great care and responsibility must be factored in. There are many unintended consequences when it comes to owning a firearm. According to one analysis, 23% of unintended gun deaths are reported as accidents.

Additionally, 37% of nonfatal firearm injuries are unintentional, and 2% of gun deaths are unintentional. Interestingly, gun liability insurance has an impact on making guns safer. This is due to insurance companies awarding lower premiums to gun owners that properly store their guns.

Is gun liability insurance really required?

The short answer is no, for now, in most cities. There are currently a few cities in which gun liability insurance is required, while still others are considering having this be a requirement.

The city of San Jose, California already has this on the books. It has been reported that Los Angeles may also make this a reality soon for a city near you.

Why isn’t gun liability insurance included in your existing insurance?

Depending on the homeowner or renters insurance, there may actually be enough coverage for your particular situation. A typical homeowners or renters insurance policy could cover the actual dollar value of your legal firearms, however it will not cover you in terms of the costs associated with damages.

All in all, it’s best to be prepared and know your options when it comes to gun liability insurance. Learn more about the benefits of having gun liability insurance and how it can better secure your personal situation in the visual deep dive above.