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Industry Specialization

Every industry has specific needs and requirements when it comes to insurance. No matter how big or small your business is, we will design an insurance solution specifically for you and your company. We provide our commercial clients with superior insurance consulting because our teams are experienced and understand industry-specific practices.

  • Industry Focus

    Industry Focus

    The industries we specialize in but are not limited to include:

    • Charter Schools
    • Commercial & Residential Developments
    • Environmental Risks
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality
    • Manufacturing/Wholesale/Distribution
    • Non-Profits
    • Property Management
    • Public Works Construction
    • Technology
    • Transportation

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    If you are a business in the residential or commercial development industry, contact us today to discuss your needs.

  • Charter Schools

    Charter Schools

    Employee Benefits & Risk Management for Charter Schools

    We understand the uniqueness of charter schools at every stage, model and mission and how that translates into employee benefit & risk management programs. With increasing changes, regulations and rising costs, you need the strategic support of an entire team of benefit professionals who understand the specific dynamics, goals and challenges of charter schools.

    By choosing Bender Insurance Solutions, our team becomes part of your team. We live our mission by providing Protection, Superior Service & Education to those who matter most, our customers. We are excited to serve Charter Schools in California! With over 80 years in insurance, and over a decade in charter school insurance programs, we have you covered!

    To fulfill our mission, our most important role is to listen to your needs and use our experience and expertise to design the program that best fits your needs.

    Protection Through Insurance and Risk Management

    • Medical
    • Dental
    • Vision
    • Life & AD&D
    • Long term disability
    • Short term disability
    • Captive/Self Funding
    • Section 125
    • Gap/ medical bridge
    • Accident
    • Critical illness
    • Cancer
    • Long term care
    • EAP
    • Doctors by phone
    • P&C (WC, GL, etc.)

    Superior Service

    Reduce the hassle of handling employee benefits and have our team provide the support for:

    • Online enrollment portals tailored to fit your ongoing benefit needs for enrollment and beyond.
    • On site enrollment facilitation and instruction with personalized enrollment packets
    • Per pay period calculation
    • Processing of additions and terminations
    • Employee Claims support
    • Online Human Resources & Labor Law support program.
    • Federal COBRA Administration
    • Creation and distribution of required documents such as Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), Summary Plan Descriptions (SPD’s) and Medicare Creditable Coverage Notifications. We take care of compliance for you!

    Benefit Consulting & Education

    • Complete analysis of your current program
    • Review of your objectives
    • Regulatory compliance analysis
    • Informative and valuable seminars

    Look at “in and out of the box” solutions including:

    • Health Reimbursement Arrangements
    • Health Savings Accounts
    • Gap plans combined with high deductible programs
    • Captive, Level Funded or Self-Funded solutions
    • Wellness programs

  • Commercial & Residential Developments

    Commercial & Residential Developments

    Real estate developers are exposed to a number of unique risks that require unique coverage. Here at Bender Insurance Solutions, we understand how your industry works, and we know how to design customized coverage plans that meet your company’s individual needs.

    Meet the Experts

    If you are real estate developer, our in-house experts are here to help and guide you. Contact Kek Roys or Alison Bender today to discuss your individual insurance and risk management needs. We look forward to connecting with you!


    Kek Roys, CIC


    (916) 380-5304 (Direct Phone)
    (916) 719-8781 (Mobile Phone/Text)



    Alison Bender


    (916) 380-5301 (Direct Phone)


    Insurance Policies for Residential/Commercial Developers

    As a real estate developer, you may need several types of insurance coverage, including:

    • Property Insurance – Protect your developments from loss due to damage, theft or vandalism with property insurance.
    • General Liability – Protect your business when claims of property damage or injury are filed by third parties.
    • Worker’s Compensation – Construction is a risky job, and employees may become injured or develop work-related illnesses. Protect your company and satisfy state legal requirements with worker’s compensation insurance.
    • Commercial Auto Insurance – If your employees operate vehicles for any reason, commercial auto insurance is a must. It is required by law, and it is necessary to protect your company in the event of an accident.
    • Environmental Liability Insurance – Protect your company from claims related to pollution or other environmental damage.

    Other Services

    In addition to insurance products, Bender Insurance Solutions can also provide your development business with other services, including:

    • Bonding – Bender Insurance Solutions has been providing businesses with bonds since 1938. As a reliable partner with financial expertise, we know how to design solutions that work for virtually any type of business, including commercial and residential developers.
    • Claims Management and Loss Prevention – Obtaining proper insurance coverage is only part of the puzzle when it comes to managing risk. In order to minimize losses, your business must also engage in effective claims management and loss control, we are proud to offer the services of our safety specialists and expert claims management team in order to maximize your company’s profitability.
    • Employee Benefits – Regardless of your development business’s size, we can help you design an appropriate benefits package for your employees. Packages may include:
      • Healthcare Insurance
      • Dental plans
      • Group life insurance
      • Retirement plans
      • and more

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    If you are a business in the residential or commercial development industry, contact us today to discuss your needs.

  • Healthcare


    We understand that clients in the healthcare industry have specialized needs when it comes to insurance and risk management. Fortunately, with more than 80 years of experience providing superior products and services to our clients, we have the knowledge and skill to help you determine and meet your company’s insurance needs so that profitability is maximized and overall risk is minimized.

    Meet the Expert

    If you are a healthcare company or provider, our in-house expert is here to help and guide you. Contact Kek Roys today to discuss your individual insurance and risk management needs. We look forward to connecting with you!


    Kek Roys, CIC


    (916) 380-5304 (Direct Phone)
    (916) 719-8781 (Mobile Phone/Text)


    Commercial Insurance Policies

    We can design individualized programs to meet each client’s needs and handle all of your commercial insurance needs, including:

    • General Liability– Protect your company from claims of injury or property damage made by third parties, including patients, visitors and vendors.
    • Property Insurance– Protect your company’s buildings, inventory, equipment, furniture and more.
    • Commercial Auto Insurance– Prevent financial losses associated with accidents, theft or vandalism involving company vehicles.
    • Workers’ Compensation– Meet legal requirements and protect your company from loss with an appropriate, well-managed workers’ compensation policy.
    • Professional Liability– Professional Liability insurance is one of the most important risk-management products available to clients in the healthcare industry. Let the Bender Insurance Solutions design the perfect solution for you.

    Employee Benefits

    Whether you run a small clinic or a large hospital, our team can help you design and administer the ideal benefits package for your employees. We can help with:

    • Dental plans
    • Medical plans
    • Group life insurance
    • Retirement plans
    • and more.

    Claims Management and Loss Prevention

    Claims management and loss prevention are important tasks in any industry, but they are especially important in healthcare, where claims can arise from so many different events. At Bender Insurance Solutions, we have the tools to help healthcare clients of all sizes with loss control and claims administration.


  • Hospitality


    Clients in the hospitality industry face a number of unique risks that demand specialized coverage. At Bender Insurance Solutions, we understand these needs. We have been providing services to clients in the hospitality industry for many years, and we have the tools you need to minimize risk and maximize profits for your hospitality business.

    Our Services

    Whether you run a small bed and breakfast or an established hotel and conference center, we can develop a comprehensive risk management program that is appropriate for you.

    Employee Benefits

    We can help you create an employee benefit plan that’s appropriate for everyone from your front desk representatives to your housekeeping staff. These plans may include:

    • Healthcare coverage
    • Dental insurance
    • Retirement
    • Life Insurance
    • And more!

    Commercial Insurance Policies

    We provide all types of insurance coverage, including:

    • Property Insurance– As a hospitality business, your property is one of your most valuable assets. Protect it from loss with an appropriate property insurance policy.
    • General Liability– If guests or their visitors file claims of injury or property damage, your business could be held responsible. Protect yourself with general liability insurance.
    • Workers’ Compensation– Workers’ compensation insurance is both essential to hospitality businesses and required by law. If one of your staff members sustains an injury while working, workers’ compensation insurance will cover his or her expenses.
    • Commercial Auto Insurance– If your company owns or operates vehicles, such as cars used to transport guests to and from the airport, commercial auto insurance is a must. We can help you select the perfect policy for your unique business.

    Claims Management and Loss Prevention

    Finding the right insurance policies is only part of the puzzle when it comes to minimizing loss. With proper claims management, you can ensure that any claims filed against your business result in the least amount of loss possible. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to provide superior claims management and loss prevention services to hospitality businesses of all sizes.

    Contact Bender Insurance Solutions

    If you are a hospitality business in need of any of the services above, contact us today to discuss your risk management requirements. We hope to hear from you soon!

  • Manufacturing & Technology


    As a manufacturer and technology company, you are faced with unique property & casualty, employee benefits, risk management and compliance challenges. For over 80 years, Bender Insurance Solutions has worked with businesses throughout the Western States with one mission: provide superior service, protection, and education to our clients to overcome any challenges.

    When you partner with us, you get more than just a quote. You get a team of business insurance professionals who understand the different types of exposures and risks facing businesses operating in today’s global business environment.

    We also understand that controlling your insurance costs is a must. Helping you meet these divergent objectives is our specialty.

    Meet the Expert

    If you are involved in the manufacturing industry, our in-house expert is here to help and guide you. Contact Roland Guillen today to discuss your individual insurance and risk management needs. We look forward to connecting with you!


    Roland Guillen


    (916) 380-5305 (Direct Phone)
    (916) 467-6380 (Mobile Phone/Text)


    Our Specialties

    Built upon a tradition of integrity, industry leadership, and excellence, Bender Insurance Solutions been providing Insurance and Risk Management services to businesses by collaborating with the leading insurance carriers serving the Manufacturing and Technology Industry.

    We are committed to delivering tailored risk management solutions with thoughtful strategic planning, valuable professional services, and technology-based solutions.

    Our staff of experienced insurance professionals can develop programs that make sense for your company and its employees. We have experienced professionals in all lines of coverage, with the experience and know-how to improve your bottom-line and keep your employees safe.

    We specialize in a wide variety of services and lines of coverage, including:

    • Property
    • Liability
    • Crime
    • Commercial Auto
    • Product Recall
    • Manufacturers Errors & Omissions
    • Printers Errors & Omissions
    • Technology Errors & Omissions
    • Equipment Breakdown
    • Ocean Cargo Liability
    • International Liability
    • Commercial Umbrella and Excess Coverage
    • Cyber Liability
    • Employment Practices Liability
    • Directors & Officers
    • Professional Liability
    • Pollution Liability
    • Workers’ Compensation
    • Employee Benefits
    • Risk Management
    • OSHA Compliance & Reporting
    • Claims Cost Analysis & Containment
    • Workers Compensation Mod Analysis

    Professional Services

    Using advanced technology and consulting expertise, we provide a variety of value-added professional services to our clients. These services reduce customer costs, increase efficiency, and improve our client satisfaction — bringing your risk management program to new heights in quality and performance.

    National Affiliations

    In addition to our own talented professionals and specialized value-added services, we have a wealth of resources available to us through several national affiliations allowing us to provide local yet global services.

    CNA Endorsed by California Manufacturing & Technology Association: Our team brokered an agreement between CNA, a world leader in advancing safety and writing coverages across 90 percent of all manufacturing classes, and the CMTA. CNA and the CMTA chose to work collaboratively with Bender Insurance Solutions because of our depth of experience in the industry, financial strength and expertise in coordinating end-to-end coverage programs for today’s modern manufacturer.

    Strategic Planning

    We will develop a customized strategic plan for you, better known as Loss Control Gap Analysis, that defines your objectives and outlines the actions needed to fulfill those objectives. Our strategic planning services ensure an organized, complete approach to fulfilling your insurance needs.


    Leading-edge technology lets us provide our customers with the latest data analysis, legislative news, communication resources, and online services. Click here to view CMTA Safety Source, your comprehensive on-line Risk Control Resource.

    Data Analysis

    Using historical claims data from your carrier, our Internet-based X-Mod system analyzes your data and shows how, and where, to adjust your policy – all designed to save money. Understanding your loss drivers enables us to help you implement appropriate loss control measures.

    Customized Objectives

    Bender Insurance Solutions will help you tackle your risk management challenges. With strategic planning and thorough understanding of your objectives, we provide custom policies and procedures that will help your employees understand the needs and benefits of working in a safe work environment.

    We can help you with a loss control needs analysis, as well as the implementation and monitoring of each program deemed necessary. We will assist in all phases of the process, from employee meetings to payroll stuffers and informative brochures about loss control and employee participation.

    Safety Committee Support

    We recognize that many employers are seeking a more effective and efficient means of developing and communicating important safety information to their employees.

    Today, technology-based systems are forging the way toward improved communications, increased productivity, streamlined processes, and saved money for safety and risk management departments. We can offer you that support.

    We have the tools available to assist our clients in getting the most out of their safety committee. Time is money, and these tools, coupled with our professional input, allow you to get the most out of the time you ask from your committee members.

    Total Cost of Risk

    Cost of risk is ultimately driven by several components of your entire risk management program and business operations.

    By understanding those components and how they are affected, we can apply our expertise to control and reduce your total cost of risk. Using our technology solutions, national insurance program affiliations, and industry expertise, we can improve your total cost of risk and ultimately your bottom-line performance.

    When was the last time you evaluated your return-on-investment from your insurance program?

  • Non-Profits


    With more than 80 years working in the insurance industry, Bender Insurance Solutions has come to understand that not all companies have the same needs when it comes to insurance coverage. As a nonprofit, your risks, insurance requirements and budget are unique. Fortunately, we have the expertise necessary to help you develop a comprehensive coverage plan that works for your organization.

    Types of Coverage

    Nonprofit organizations may need several types of business insurance, including:

    • General Liability Insurance– Protects your business from third-party claims of injury or property damage.
    • Auto Insurance– Satisfies your state’s auto liability insurance requirements and protects you from loss because of accidents involving your organization’s vehicles.
    • Property Insurance– Protects your organization’s investment in buildings, equipment and inventory in the event of damage, theft or vandalism.
    • Professional Liability Insurance– Protects the organization, volunteers, staff and officers in legal matters involving workplace crimes or management problems.
    • Directors and Officers Insurance– Protects board members against accusations of financial mismanagement or fraud.
    • Products Liability Insurance– Provides protection against claims of defective or dangerous products. This type of coverage is essential if you sell products to raise money.

    Depending on the specifics of your organization’s activity, you may need all of the types of insurance listed above or only a few. Coverage options and limits may also vary. We can help you review your risks and obtain policies suited to your nonprofit’s individual needs.

    Other Services

    In addition to helping you protect your organization with insurance products, we can also provide other useful services. Other services we provide include:

    • Claims Management and Loss Prevention – Our team of safety and risk management experts can help your nonprofit recognize and control risks. Our claims management staff will help facilitate quick, clean resolution of claims so that your business loses as little time and money as possible.
    • Employee Benefits – Nonprofit organizations often work with tight budgets. Let us help you design employee benefit packages that please your staff without going over budget. We can help with standard employee benefits, such as health insurance, as well as executive/individual benefits, such as business continuation programs and long-term disability insurance.

  • Public Works Construction

    Public Works Construction

    The public works construction industry is wrought with guidelines, regulations and requirements. Companies operating within this industry are held to high standards, and they are also exposed to a great deal of risk. As a result, businesses in the public works construction industry must select insurance policies carefully, manage claims efficiently and engage in effective loss control in order to succeed. Fortunately, we understand the nuances of this particular industry.

    Insurance Products for Public Works Construction

    Companies involved in public works construction projects typically need the following types of insurance:

    • Commercial General Liability Insurance for Contractors – Designing an insurance and risk management program for a contractor begins with the Commercial General Liability (CGL) policy. This policy creates the backbone by which other policies are subsequently integrated to coordinate coverages, such as Builder’s Risk, Umbrella/Excess Liability, Professional Liability or Contractor’s Pollution Liability. These coverages should be reviewed in tandem to be sure gaps are properly identified and addressed. The CGL policy provides coverage for liability arising from bodily injury, personal injury or damage to property of third parties.
    • Commercial Auto Insurance – Commercial auto insurance protects your company from financial liability when accidents involving commercial automobiles cause injury or property damage. Depending on the options chosen, this type of insurance may also protect your investment in commercial automobiles.
    • Workers’ Compensation Insurance – We recognize our responsibility to monitor the entire Workers’ Compensation process — from coverage placement, classification review, to payroll audit processes and claims management. We don’t just react to changes in the Workers’ Comp environment; we pay attention and act preventively.

    Most of the types of insurance listed above are not only recommended, but also required by law. We can help you select policies that satisfy all of the legal requirements for public works construction contracts and provide adequate protection for your company.

    Contact Bender Insurance Solutions

    In addition to helping you insure your company, we can also provide a number of other services, including loss prevention, risk analysis, claims management, employee benefits administration and more. Contact us today to discuss your business’s unique needs. We look forward to working with you!

  • Property Management

    Property Management

    We understand the unique needs of property management companies. We proudly support the Multifamily and Commercial Property Industries by being involved members of RHA, IREM and BOMA. Allow us to put more than 80 years of industry experience and expertise to work for your company.

    Meet the Experts

    If you are a property manager, our in-house experts are here to help and guide you. Contact Kek Roys or Alison Bender today to discuss your individual insurance and risk management needs. We look forward to connecting with you!


    Kek Roys, CIC


    (916) 380-5304 (Direct Phone)
    (916) 719-8781 (Mobile Phone/Text)



    Alison Bender


    (916) 380-5301 (Direct Phone)


    Insurance for Property Management Companies

    Designed around the specifics of your business and portfolio, our tailored insurance programs address your exposures to position you for the future. Some of the most common policies purchased by property management companies include:

    • Professional Liability / Tenant Discrimination / Cyber Liability – As a property management company, you are open to accusations of tenant discrimination and/or wrongful eviction. Professional liability and Tenant Discrimination insurance can provide protection against these claims. Cyber liability is a newer coverage addressing a growing exposure. If you collect or store any private data on your tenants or employees you are required by law to have a data breach plan. Cyber Liability coverage is available to fund those breaches and to direct your senior team towards best-in-class public relations management.
    • Professional Liability – As a property management company, you are open to accusations of tenant discrimination and/or wrongful eviction. Professional liability insurance can provide protection against these claims.
    • Workers’ Compensation and Employment Practices Liability – If your company employs even one person, workers’ compensation is required by law. Workers’ compensation insurance will offer protection against claims of worker injuries and illnesses. A coverage not required by law, but highly recommended by our agency is Employment Practices Liability (EPL). California employers are more likely to have an employment related claim than under any other coverage line. Even with stellar HR practices a firm may find themselves needing defense support against allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, discrimination, etc.
    • Property and Crime Insurance – Although the property you manage may be insured by the owner, property insurance is still necessary for your company if you own your own buildings, equipment or inventory. As a fiduciary for your owners we recommend that you purchase crime insurance. Employee dishonesty, forgery and alteration, computer fraud and extortion are all insurable exposures that even the best “checks-and-balances” firm should review and consider insuring.
    • General Liability – If residents or their guests sustain injuries on your property, you may be held responsible for damages. Purchasing general liability insurance will protect your company (and owners) from financial loss in these situations.
    • Commercial Auto Insurance– If you or your employees operate vehicles for business purposes, you need commercial auto insurance. Commercial auto insurance can protect your investment in company vehicles, and it provides protection from financial liability in the event of an accident.

    Other Services

    In addition to helping with insurance coverage, Bender Insurance Solutions offers other useful services to property management clients, including:

    • Claims Administration/Management
    • Safety Meetings
    • Vendor Agreement and Certificate Management Training
    • Lease indemnity provision consulting
    • HR Consulting
    • Loss Control
    • Employee Benefit Packages

    If you are a business operating in the property management industry, contact us today to discuss your needs.

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