SAN CARLOS, CA – DECEMBER 31: Rainstorm causes flash flood in San Carlos, California, United States on December 31, 2022. (Photo by Tayfun Coskun/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

This year’s historic snowpack is predicted to cause severe flooding throughout the state as temperatures rise and snow begins to melt, causing reservoirs to release water in anticipation of the runoff. Flooding can affect any industry and the hazards are many. We are urging employers to take the necessary precautions to protect their business and their employees.

Have a disaster action plan:

Monitor weather and flood alerts. Be aware of reservoir levels and watch for planned releases:

Anticipate how to restart an operation after a flood. Be ready with new or additional safety precautions and PPE for employees working in flood areas:

Ranches, farms, orchards, and other agricultural operations along with many of the construction trades are just a few of the industries that could be impacted. Other operations at risk include roadwork, tree work, and those involved with flood recovery, clean up, or repair work. The dangers these workers can face range from driving through flooded areas, and working in standing water or confined spaces. Additional dangers include electrical hazards, debris and hazardous materials and contaminated floodwater.

We may not know when emergencies will occur or how devastating they will be—but being prepared to respond to them can make all the difference for employers and their employees.