Written by: Lisa Wilson

There was once a beautiful ranch that had been established as a fruit farm for 80 years. It had a beautiful red barn [building coverage] set amidst rolling acres of fruit trees and berry vines [trees, vines, stakes, netting]. It was watered from a deep well with portable irrigation equipment [specifically scheduled]. The owner’s personal residence [dwelling] had views of their farm acreage to the west and the mountains to the east. In addition to their farming operation, the family had other occupations and interests. He was a freelance photographer [camera coverage], she had a consulting practice that she operated from the home [professional occupancy], and their children played golf [equipment scheduled].

They decided to plant many more acres of berries and expand their operations. The seasons were plentiful and the employees [Workers’ Compensation] could not harvest all of the bounty. With their increased harvest [product coverage], they expanded into U-Pick Operations [coverage endorsement] and opened a roadside stand [coverage endorsement]. As customers enjoyed their premises, the ranch started offering “agritainment” activities including harvest festivals and mazes [specifically described]. With more guests on the premises, they increased their focus on safety and became known as a beautiful place to spend a few hours with family and friends.

What is your Ranch’s story?

Agriculture is art and science. You produce something of value and create an experience for you, your family, your team and the community. How do you protect what you are building? A consultative insurance broker can walk alongside you and become a trusted member of your team. The partnership can help you with regulatory changes, controlling workers’ compensation costs, cyber security, employee safety education, and managing your exposures. At Warren G. Bender Co., we have the insurance markets and risk management resources for Farms and Ranches. We welcome the opportunity to have a conversation with you.

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