Effective Thursday, February 2, 2023, The Hartford is temporarily suspending the ability to quote and
issue coverage for all Kia and Hyundai vehicles countrywide in response to dramatically
increased theft rates. In addition, they have suspended the ability to add or replace all Kia and
Hyundai vehicles on existing policies. In accordance with California statute and Proposition 103,
if all listed drivers qualify as “good drivers” then these vehicles will be referred to Underwriting
prior to issuance if physical damage is requested. Cancelled policies will not be considered for
reinstatement if a Kia or Hyundai is present. They will continue to monitor the environment and
modify their approach in response to changing market conditions.

To learn more about the situation causing the theft rates to skyrocket for these brands, visit: https://fortune.com/2022/09/22/hyundai-kia-cars-stealing-hack-thieves/