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The healthcare industry is unique, so it is not surprising there are both state and federal laws specific to this industry, many of which pertain to employers. Failure to comply can in many cases be costly and consume significant time and resources. The attorneys at Palmer Kazanjian Wohl Hodson, LLP focus their practice on labor and employment law. Partner Treaver K. Hodson has extensive experience representing employers in all aspects of employment litigation and will provide in-depth information regarding a range of topics, from wage and hour laws specific to healthcare to marijuana in the workplace.

Join us and learn about…

• Wage and hour laws specific to the healthcare industry
• The impact of the new independent contractor test on classification of physicians and other healthcare employees
• Developments in labor law for hospitals and other healthcare employers
• Important HIPAA requirements for healthcare employers
• The interactive process and reasonable accommodation of disability and medical conditions
• What healthcare employers should know about marijuana in the workplace

Treaver K. Hodson, Partner, Palmer Kazaniian Wohl Hodson LLP